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Brokeback Fans

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Brokeback Mountain Fans.
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This is a community for fans of the movie or short story, Brokeback Moutain.

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1. If you don't like the idea of gay cowboys, we don't need to know. If we have too many annoynomus posters or non-member posters put bad comments in our entries, I will have to disable annoynomus and make this community Members only, I don't want to do that.

2. We allow icons and layout posts, but not more then one a day per member.

3. You can post, only if the topic is "Brokeback_mt. Member" to let me know you read these rules.

4. Advertisments are welcome! If you made a new community you think we may like, post about it! But the topic must say that it is an adversitement.

5. If you are angry at another person's ignorance or lack of manners, don't take it out on them in a post or in a comment in this journal.

6. If your angry at ME, and yell at me, or bring out the caps on me, you will be kicked out of this community, if you haven't already left.

7. If you have the nerve to put down people's icons or layouts, then I definitally will kick you out.

8. As you can see, I can't tolerate rude people, espeically in my communities, so please just calm down.

9. Any suggestions are welcome about rules!

♥ Thank you for reading this.

If you would like to be affiliated, then just comment to me, and I'll add you!

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__{Owner}__: __katreusaki
_.'~{Maintainers}~'._: [alpha.] 0nly_danc1ng and foreverred

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